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  • Facility Road Access

    Road Access

    Multiple route options are available to access DP World London Gateway Port and Logistics Park. Two A-road dual carriageways lead straight to the Logistics Park entrance, with the M25 just 10 miles away.

    Capacity on all roads leading to the site has been increased and access is by dual carriageway right up to the port gates and throughout the Logistics Park estate.

  • No.1 DP World

    No.1 DP World London Gateway

    This is DP World London Gateway’s head office, where the Port and Logistics Park’s executive and administrative functions are based, including the Park’s management team and supply chain experts. The building is formed of three floors, a café and several meeting rooms. It is located to the west of the Port and Logistics Park.

    Logistics Park Community services

    Community services at DP World London Gateway Logistics Park are managed on-site by Knight Frank and the Park’s estates management team. A community website has been set up for information sharing among the Logistics Park clients and events such as coffee mornings and BBQs are organised throughout the year to assist with travel planning and other management aspects to ensure clients are able to operate seamlessly from the Park.

  • HGV Yard

    Haulage services

    In 2017, DP World London Gateway will open an on site truck parking facility which will consist of general parking for all hauliers using the Port and Park, as well as dedicated depots for hauliers wishing to establish a base on site.

    One of the UK’s largest truck and trailer specialists also operates a base at DP World London Gateway. Hireco, a leading contract hire and maintenance specialist for the road haulage industry, provide facilities for hauliers with onsite ancillary services for their fleets. This offers an opportunity for port users to reduce both transport costs and impacts on the environment.

    Haulage Yards available for let
    1-3 acres
    Option for build-to-suit welfare facilities
    Available Q4 2017

    • Pay as you go parking facilities coming soon
    • Overnight parking
    • Welfare and canteen facilities
  • Maritime Haulage Yard

    Maritime Transport Ltd, the UK’s largest container haulier, operates a three-acre truck depot at DP World London Gateway. The facility provides parking for up to 60 trucks.

  • UPS

    UPS on-site services

    UPS is developing a 32,000m² parcel sorting hub on the Logistics Park. Construction started in November 2015 and the state-of-the-art facility will be completed by the end of 2017.

    At close to £120 million, this project constitutes one of UPS’s largest infrastructure investments outside of the United States in the company’s history. The centre will act as a UK hub and distribution centre for the local area as well as a key gateway to UPS’s global transportation network. Once completed, the facility will be able to process approximately 30,000 packages per hour, with room for further expansion.

  • Port to Park - Park to Port

    From Port to Logistics Park

    Access between the Logistics Park and the Port couldn’t be simpler or quicker. Private roads lead right up to the port gates, making the shunting of cargo between the terminal and distribution or sorting centres on the Park seamless, quick and fuss-free.

    Park to Port link

    The Port is located on the same 1.5 sq mile private estate as DP World London Gateway Logistics Park. Privately managed roads provide seamless access between the two operations.

  • Access Terminal

    Access control

    Security at DP World London Gateway is integrated and managed by DP World in conjunction with a leading security contractor. The area is monitored and patrolled 24/7, 365 days a year and access to the Logistics Park is through one main entrance ensuring absolute security of the site.

    The Port and Park's security meets the highest UK Government and EU standards. The Port also has Authorised Economic Operator status in recognition of its world class security systems, helping to speed up customs processes.

  • Off-Dock Storage

    Off-dock storage facility

    DP World London Gateway Port and Logistics Park provides quick and easy access to an off-dock facility, managed by Pentalver.

    The yard is located at the main entrance to the port, a one minute drive to the Logistics Park entrance.

  • Border Control

    Border Control Post

    A state-of-the-art 200,000 sq ft, border control post is located within the port terminal, dedicated to Government authority inspections of goods, before they are released into the UK.

    The inspection facility is split in two. One area is run by Port Health and the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. In this area – which has a number of large, high-tech chilled and freezer storage rooms – produce is checked to ensure it is fit for human consumption or is safe to enter the UK market. The second area is run by Border Force, where imports are checked to ensure nothing illegal is entering the country.

    DP World London Gateway staff move authority-held containers to inspection bays on behalf of the authorities and a close working relationship ensures cargo which is subject to inspection is turned around more efficiently.

  • Railway

    Rail services

    Two rail operators, DB Cargo and Freightliner, operate rail freight services into and out of DP World London Gateway Port. A number of daily services take cargo to and from Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Daventry, Wales and more. There is extensive capacity at the Port for rail services to increase significantly.

    The rail terminal is very high performing, with more than 99% of containers making their scheduled trains.

    Rail terminal

    DP World London Gateway’s rail terminal is one of the biggest in the UK. Located between the Logistics Park’s southern boundary and the Port’s landside interchange zone, the terminal consists of four operational rail sidings, 750m in length and two reception sidings. This means we are able to work four W10 gauge trains at any one time – the largest trains currently on the UK rail network.

  • Port opportunities

    Port Opportunities

    The opportunity for growth at DP World London Gateway Port is enormous. In due course, DP World has the ability to develop a further three deep-water berths,  all able to handle the world's largest container ships. This would bring annual capacity at the terminal to 3.5million TEUs and include development of a second rail terminal.

    Find out more.

  • Port Terminal

    Port Terminal

    DP World London Gateway Port is one of the most sophisticated marine terminals in the world. There are three, deep-water berths using the world’s largest quay cranes. They’re not just big but clever, too, with multi-lift capability and enhanced safety features.

    The terminal’s container stack is managed by weather resilient automated cranes which deliver consistently low truck turnaround times and exceptional reliability. Low-emission plant machinery is used to shunt containers internally and the UK’s largest rail terminal is also on site, another key feature of our world-class operation.

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